Mason Jar Shelf and New Bracelet

I’ve been feeling crafty and browsing pinterest like it’s my job.

I found this tutorial and modified it a bit for my needs. Here’s how mine turned out:

It was actually pretty simple. All you need is:

  • Piece of wood – I got mine from JoAnn’s for about $2 with a coupon
  • A mason jar – Already had that around
  • Hook – Got 2 from Lowe’s for around $2
  • 3″ Pipe clamp – Got this in the plumbing section of Lowe’s for $1.75

Under $5 for this cute little thing! For more pictures and deatiled instructions you can head to the turotial link above, but basically here is what I did:

  1. Painted the piece of wood
  2. Attach the clamp: I just started hammering a nail in one of the slots at the end. Once the nail could fit through it, I just hammered into the board. These pictures from the tutorial should help (although she uses a screw in the photo):
  3. Then I unscrewed the clamp to put my mason jar in and then screwed it back in so it was nice and tight around the jar.
  4. Screw the hook in wherever you would like.

And the finished product again:

I also made this bracelet the other day. I think I might make a bunch with different colors/types/amounts of rope and sell them around WaterFest time :) Any takers?

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