Continuing to Catch Tales…

So I originally created this blog for my media writing class, but I’ve enjoyed it and decided to jump on the bandwagon for good.

After several days of trying to decide what to name this blog when I first created it (a close second was a Simpler Shade of Happy followed by numerous other ideas my creative brother came up with), I chose Catching Tales because for class, I picked to write about baseball news stories.

So Catching Tales, named after one of my favorite musicians, jazz pianist Jamie Cullum’s album title, captured the idea I was seeking.

Now, I’m going to continue using this title, but with a little different twist.

Catching Tales: trying to understand and share “tales” that are constantly around me that draw my heart-filled interest. Anything I hear or see that sparks my curiosity, from news stories, sermons, music lyrics, Bible studies, or even just conversations with friends.

Wish me luck!

Continuing to Catch Tales…

2 thoughts on “Continuing to Catch Tales…

  1. aimee says:

    freedom! :) I look forward to what you’ll accomplish when not hindered by the restraints of a class. I wish you only the best.

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