Worry Free

I’m a worry-wart. I always have been, but this past year or so, I’ve really gotten better with it. I always ask myself in a stressful situation, “Is worrying going to help anything?” Usually the answer is no…and I just try to keep my mind off it.

Well I’ve been without a roommate so far this semester, until yesterday. I literally woke up to my RA knocking on the door telling me I was getting a roommate…today, like within the next few hours. Luckily, Gabi was with me to help move some stuff around so that she would have some space.

As I look back on it, I only had about 2 hours to wonder what this girl was like, why she was moving in on a Monday, and if we would be able to get along. Now, if I had been told a few days before, I know it would have been a nightmare. I would have worried myself sick trying to figure out what this girl was like, even though I have absolutely no control over it.

So, God was telling me again, even though He has showed me several times but I’m just too hard-headed to figure it out, that worrying solves nothing.

Look out for a little series I’ll call Tune Tuesday coming next week. haha.

Worry Free

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