My future book!

One of my favorite speakers, Clayton King, has a book called Journals of a Madman. It’s a collection of stories he wrote about the most insane, crazy, God-driven moments that have happened to him. Some of them you will not believe unless you see the pictures that go along with them.

Anything from hearing a song he wrote for a wrestler on John Boy and Billy’s national radio broadcast to running from the KPG in Moscow to becoming a king of a country for a day. I mean, these stories are just crazy, even more so because they all happened to one man.

I have decided I want to write a similar book. Except mine won’t be as eccentric, but still filled with some silly, small stories and moments I’ve had thus far. I hope that as I start this new decade of my life (I turned 20 yesterday), that God continues to bring more of these moments because I absolutely love them.

So here are a few brief moments that I will feature in my book. No title ideas yet.
• Yesterday I was serenaded for my birthday at a restaurant. Nothing special right? Well this unique birthday song just happened to be in complete Italian and opera style. It was so pretty and unexpected that I even blushed.

• While in Amsterdam, Netherlands on a very crowded tram last summer, I met a girl that is best friends now (at Clemson University) with some of my closest high school friends. She was studying abroad for a month, I was passing through, she was wearing a Clemson shirt, and I said hello. Small world.

• Witnessing a deathly car accident in which probably changed my spiritual life forever.

• When I tried to persuade our youth minister on a ski trip that one of our “adult chaperones” actually jumped off a snowy hill into a snowy mound but actually landed on some wooden thing and crushed her heel in the process. He didn’t believe me and thought I was enticing them for a snowball fight. It took a good ten minutes to get someone out there and meanwhile the “adult” was in a bit of pain.

• I own a one inch square piece of property in North Pole, Alaska at Santa’s workshop. No joke, I’ve got the paperwork to prove it.

• When I was at an Atlanta Braves’ baseball game, during batting practice I stood in the home-run section in hopes of getting a ball hit to me. Well, I did. One came at me, bounced a few feet before the fence and I guess I judged it all wrong. It bounced up and hit me directly in the chin giving me a good scuff mark and NO BALL because the guy next to me took it!! What a souvenir. But I have gotten several, like when former 3rd base coach Ned Yost asked me if I could catch and threw me one and when former pitcher Jason Marquis threw one at me and when the big guy next to me took it, Marquis pointed at me and made the guy give it to me. Thank goodness I was a cute little girl with her face painted completely red and blue.

So those are just a few of the ridiculous, wonderful stories. I might share some more throughout the blog. :)

Clayton’s stories are so comical, but most of them (except for the moment he was mistaken for Garth Brooks) have some relation with the workings of God. Mine do not…yet. Maybe I just haven’t figured out the meaning yet.

You’ve got to read Clayton’s book, it’s just so amazing and encouraging to see how God can move in crazy ways. I hope it continues in my life!

Let me know if you have any title suggestions.

My future book!

4 thoughts on “My future book!

  1. wkhsoccer11 says:

    I thought we had decided that the title would be something like “Random Stories of a Quirky Quee”… you don’t think so?

  2. aimee says:

    no title ideas yet, but I have full confidence that you´ll come up with some great´re fantastic, deni. I look forward to one day obtaining an autographed copy of this magnificent book.:)btw, where was the serenade?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you love the “its a small world” concept? It was one of your favorite attractions at Disney????!!!Maybe your book could be titled COINCIDENI OR FATE??Love ya

  4. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed reading about your adventures! waiting on the book… and may have to check out the one you recommended. You write really well, Deni, keep up the good work. So glad you and A are friends and will roomies next fall. :o)

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