Tune Tuesday #1

Welcome to the first Tune Tuesday. You like the alliteration right? I just love it.

So, basically, I love music, all types, all forms, so I’m just going to highlight one of my favorite songs every Tuesday. It’s intended to encourage you to check the band out, look at the lyrics a little closer, or just listen to the song because it’s good (I know it’s good because I like it and all things I like are good, if not great). :)

I hope you enjoy and please leave any comments on the songs; I’d love to hear what you think!


Song: Nothing in My Way
Band: Keane
Album: Under the Iron Sea

The British band Keane is one of my favorites, ever. I adore how they have no guitar and use the classical piano to create such modern music. They had a few big hits last year with “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Sunshine” and I fell in love with them.

“Nothing in My Way” has a kicking beat created with the hammering on the piano that will encourage you to work out in the gym like you never thought possible. The optimistic sound will prompt and encourage you to actually say and believe:

“It’s just another day, nothing in my way.”

I think the song is actually about two people who were together, but weren’t happy and wouldn’t acknowledge that they weren’t happy. So don’t be in denial and let things fall apart, there’s nothing in your way…get going.

(For complete lyrics, see a video, or listen to the song, just click the name of the song at the top).


Tune Tuesday #1

2 thoughts on “Tune Tuesday #1

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am honored to be included in your book. I want my copy autographed! Why is “adult chaperone” in quotes?? Halee tells me regulary that I am wierd but I just tell her that I refuse to grow up. I am a Toys R Us kid!! Love you Deni mini. good luck with your book. Remember, I knew you before you reached stardom.

  2. aimee says:

    Yay tune tuesday! I love the alliteration, and am looking forward to giving that Keane song a closer look when I get back to my iPod this afternoon. :)And I hope I´m great, since you like me, right?

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