Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday


Song: Little House
Artist: The Fray
Album: How to Save a Life

First of all, the piano parts in this song are amazing: Beautiful and serene at the beginning and then to a tenser, anxious tone as the song progresses. Gorgeous.

I don’t even remember listening to this song when I first bought this album, but when I was driving back to Winthrop from home I stumbled across it, and I’m so glad I did! It’s a little more rock-sounding than the rest of the songs on the album, but you’ve got to listen to it! It will definitely move you.

It’s obviously about a girl who is struggling with something and she is trying to fix it all on her own:

She doesn’t look, she doesn’t see
Opens up for nobody
Figures out, she figures out

Narrow line, she can’t decide
Everything short of suicide

Then the quietness of the song ends, and madness happens. It talks about something we maybe did in our past that we can’t let go, we just keep stumbling across it. I think we all have something like that:

Something is scratching it’s way out
Something you want to forget about

Maybe we are the only one that knows about the particular situations:

A part of you that’ll never show
You’re the only one that’ll ever know
Take it back when it all began

But, then when the chorus is repeated, it adds a few extra lines and the tone the singer uses really sounds like something scratching to get out, it really is brilliant:

Something is scratching it’s way out
Something you want to forget about
No one expects you to get up
All on your own with no one around

Huh…I think they are implying that we are never alone, there is always someone to help us out with a problem and forgive us for what we’ve done. Maybe The Fray didn’t particularly mean God, but that is how I interpret it.

It’s a wonderful feeling that we don’t have to struggle our way through life alone, but instead God is there waiting for us to ask for help and guide us along. We don’t have to suffer and allow things to “scratch” inside of us.

I think this is my new favorite song (at least for this week). It’s short and to the point. Please click the above link and listen.


Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday

2 thoughts on “Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow… enjoyed your post about the Fray’s song… even listened to it and watched the cartoon video… Thanks for sharing! Hope your days are going well… :o) dw

  2. aimee says:

    I`m listening to it on my iPod as I read your blog from another hemisphere… I like it a lot too!Thanks deni, love you lots! So glad you have a passion and gift for appreciating music.

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