While in New York City in May with my brother, we visited, and spent much time in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). It was packed with some crazy sculptures, furniture, photographs, and artwork. All of which, I loved. I was looking back on some pictures and one piece of art stood out to me more than before. Here it is from a small distance:

You can kind of tell that the entire photograph is made of hundreds of tiny little pictures and symbols. Here are a few parts where I zoomed in a bit so you could see the symbols:

When I first saw it, I remember thinking, wow, that’s pretty cool; I can’t imagine how they did it. But now, I see something else.

Each one of these tiny, seemingly random symbols bands together with the rest to create this giant piece of art. I kind of translated that into our lives.

Sometimes I feel like I’m making no difference in this crazy world we live in (although I have much life left to live). This art allows me to remember that God is looking from a much bigger scale. I may not feel like I’m having any impact, but with all my brothers and sisters in Christ, we most certainly are making something beautiful for God to smile upon. After all, it’s not even about me.

When going on mission trips, I’ve always heard, “we’re just planting the seed. Someone else will water, give it sunshine, etc.” So even though you don’t see the final product, just know someone else is probably working at it too.

Start working with those other “symbols” around you (even though you might not be aware of who they actually are) and make some art.


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