Olympics Bring Picture of Hope

Russia and Georgia’s recent confrontation has been a scary headline in recent news stories. Russian troops have occupied and taken control of their neighboring country, Georgia. Warnings of more attacks (which could lead to a war between the two countries), have been issued from Russia.

In the midst of all the craziness and violence, the Olympics (of which I am a HUGE fan of) provide a sense of hope for Russia and Georgia and any other countries that could be affected, for this battle to stop short.

In the women’s 10-meter air pistol competition, Russia’s Natalia Paderina took the silver and Georgia’s Nino Salukvadze took bronze. They stood on the medal podium, arms around each other, smiling, and waving to the crowds.

They also kissed each other on the cheeks.

They put their nation’s differences aside, embraced each other, and ultimately showed that they cared for one another in true Olympic spirit.

I think this is such an incredible picture. A picture of hope. A picture of peace. A picture of beauty. A picture of what could hopefully happen.

I think this is what the Olympics is all about (besides the USA kicking France’s butt in the men’s swimming relay after nasty remarks by the French, haha, but that’s another blog entry).

I’m really hoping these two countries can come to some agreement and this picture is giving me that hope.

Enjoy and savor this picture:

Olympics Bring Picture of Hope

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