No Place Like Home

I grew up in one of the, if not the, prettiest places on the planet. Don’t believe me?

Yeah, I thought so.

I took it for granted while I was there. Sure I shopped downtown, layed out at Hunting Island, golfed at every possible course, found sharks teeth at the sands, went to church in a 200-year old building (yey BCOB!), ate countless shrimp burgers, had coffee at the waterfront park, wore Sperrys…on a boat, and looked at the gorgeous view from the downtown bridge while waiting in traffic because it was open. I did all of those things.

But once I went to college, I started missing it. I even began to miss that weird marsh smell. Who would have thought? When I came back home to visit I found myself rolling down the windows at the first sight of marsh.

This is my first summer away from beautiful Beaufort. I’ll miss being there over the summer, a really fun time. But I’ll be staying in Rock Hill and working in Charlotte at Charlotte Magazine as the marketing intern. I’ve already had several people at work ask me where I’m from and as soon as I tell them, their replies are all the same:

Oh! It’s beautiful down there!

And that’s usually followed by:

Do you think you will move back there?

And my reply is usually:


Ok, so I just went on talking about how wonderful Beaufort is and now I’m saying I don’t want to move back? Crazy girl. There are a few reasons why my answer is so quick and sure. One is that Beaufort doesn’t really have the job opportunities I’ll be seeking when I graduate. And two is that I love traveling to new places and seeing new things.

I’m really thankful of where I grew up. I loved it. I met some amazing, incredible people who have become my friends that I will never forget. It is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind place. I hope that in my future, I can discover what other unique places exist around the world!

This seems like a pointless post after re-reading it. Going on and on about how I love and miss Beaufort and then just said I probably won’t move back. Oh, well. It’ll always be home.

No Place Like Home

One thought on “No Place Like Home

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought the same as you, but here I sit in a $9/hour job in Beaufort slinking around town with your parents. So, you must be referring to me when you write that you’ve met some amazing people in Beaufort. No?

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