To the DC!

I spent a couple of days in our nation’s capitol with some fantastic people. Here’s a fun shot of me at the Capitol Building.

DC is an interesting place. I didn’t get the feeling there that I got in NYC or London or Florence (however, I did love the metro, but that may be my general love of public transit), but I still loved seeing all the wonderful sites that call DC their home. Gallery after gallery (most in which I got lost in) provided endless amounts of artwork to gaze at. Memorials provided a few moments to remember our country’s past and those who’ve fought for it.

Overall, DC is a unique place. As it should be. Although it may not be my favorite, I still appreciate everything that it holds. Even that kid protesting, or reading from a sheet of preselected statements, outside the White House.

Although, it was a little bit eerie hearing this happened just a few days after we were in the city.

Next time I’m visiting the Washington Post despite the bored sighs of those who may be traveling with me!

To the DC!

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