Tasteful Tangible Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday

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Song: Syndicate
Artist: The Fray
Album: The Fray

I’ve put the video down at the bottom, so press play and then read on!

The Fray is one of my top 3 bands. I love the piano infused into the lyrics that somehow can always be interpreted on a spiritual level. And I don’t think this song is any different.

This album was released in February and for now, this is my favorite song on the album. What I did first was look up the word syndicate, it’s only mentioned once in the song. So keep this in mind while listening:

syn⋅di⋅cate : a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations.

I’ll just go ahead and say what I think this song overall is about because then I think the lyrics just fall into place. And this may be a long post, because I think this song is FULL of good stuff.

Much of the new Fray album seems to be about finding the Lord and the struggles of building our faith. Specifically, I think this song is about hardships, battles and doubts Christians face when we have built up that faith.

The thing that we are searching for, Jesus, seems to be so distant and old being over 2000 years old:

Halfway around the world
Lies the one thing that you want
Buried in the ground
Hundred miles down

And that can be frustrating causing doubts or times when we just want to give up even though we are “awakened” to the Truth:

First thing that arises in your mind while you awake
Bending you til you break
Let me hold you now

The chorus is kind of encouraging in that the person speaking seems to have been exactly where the “baby” is at and reassures them that its ok to ask questions and to just hold on to what they believe:

Baby close your eyes
Don’t open til the morning light
Baby don’t forget
You haven’t lost it all yet

We have no idea the love and forgiveness that we are capable of that is shown by Jesus and we may not realize this until we see Him face-to-face:

Don’t know what your made of
Til the one thing that you want
To come in with the dawn and suddenly changes

I haven’t quite figured out this line. This is the one mention of syndicate. Any ideas? I’m sure Monday is significant in that it is the day after Sunday. Perhaps the thought that people go to church on Sunday only to return to their same exact lives the next day making no changes after learning on Sunday:

Monday’s syndicate means everyone’s the same
But all we’ve lost to the flame. Listen to me now

Another line is then added into the chorus. This just reiterates the fact that there is questioning going on, but the one thing we know for sure is our God:

All we know for sure
Is all that we are fighting for

These next few lines are pretty powerful. I think they show that our God is mysterious and that we may never have all the answers (which is a struggle in itself, but also a beautiful thing because it shows how big our God is) even as our relationship with Christ grows and we get closer to Him:

Someday when this is over
We may still have no answer
For now is when I hold her
We are closer
We are closer
We are closer
We are closer

So what do you think? This is of course my interpretation, and I think many of these lines can be interpreted different ways. Some may even think it’s just about a long-distance relationship, but the Fray is always wonderful about putting deep, hard-hitting lyrics embedded into some very pretty music.


Tasteful Tangible Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday

2 thoughts on “Tasteful Tangible Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday

  1. Jennifer says:

    tricky, tenacious, tempting, tasty, talented, thrilling, trendy, tremendous, twisted…just to name a few. you have a lot more tune tuesdays to post, my friend.

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