Unplanned Plan 343

Here’s a little formula I created:
New Thru 30 + RELG 313 = Unplanned Plan 343
Let me explain:
New Thru 30: My church here at school, Elevation, is leading a series called New Thru 30. Basically, the congregation (plus churches and people from all over the world) are reading the entirety of the New Testament in the next 30 days. They designed a nice little reading plan that is available for everyone on the above web site. It’s not too late to join in! I’m on day 4 and loving it so far!
RELG 313: I decided to take RELG 313 just because I love the professor and I needed a class in that area. RELG 313 just happens to be Intro to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. So, I’ll be reading and studying (in a more academic way compared to New Thru 30) most of the Old Testament.
Unplanned Plan 343: Coincidently, I’ll be reading through just about the entire Bible in the next few months. Woah. It’s going to be a ton of reading, but I’m excited for the challenge. I can’t wait to see what I learn and how I’m changed through this process. Wish me luck! I’ll give updates along the way!
Unplanned Plan 343

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