Thoughtful Thrilling Tasteful Tangible Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday

It’s been quite some time since the last Tune Tuesday. I’ll blame it on not being able to come up with a “t” word for the title…
Song: Uprising
Artist: Muse
Album: The Resistance
Here’s the video. Push play and read on:

I bought this song about a month ago and then a week later my church band played it one Sunday (and rocked it). I think the message in the song is pretty clear, but something about it being played in church really grabbed me and made me think about it in a new way.

I’m going to use this song as my anthem for my last semester at Winthrop. You’ll see why…

The first verse really just describes how the world tries to influence us and control how we act and think. For instance:

They’ll try to push drugs to keep us all dumbed down,

And hope that we will never see the truth around…

Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed.

And then to the powerful anthem chorus I love:

They will not force us,

They will stop degrading us,

They will not control us,

And we will be victorious!

When I first heard this song, I thought they=the world and us=my generation. After hearing it in church and reflecting on it in a different way, I thought they=the world, but us=Christians.

Instantly Romans 12:2 came to mind:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.

The second verse is encouraging basically saying that we can do this together:

If you could flick a switch and open your third eye,

You’d see that we should never be afraid to die…

It’s time that the fat cats had a heart attack,

You know that their time’s coming to an end,

We have to unify and watch or flag ascend!

Then the strong chorus plays several times until the song ends.

Ever time I listen (and sometimes sing really loudly) to this song, I make that chorus my prayer: that we, as Christians, especially in my generation, will not let the ever-pressuring world force us into doing things we know aren’t right or changing who we are, will not get discouraged by the world laughing at our choices, nor will we let them control our actions through fear of the above mentioned things. Through Christ, we will be victorious, as He has already shown us.

So I’m using this song as my anthem as I prepare to leave college, head out into the real world and start fulfilling God’s calling on my life. This songs pumps me up to take this [scary] next step. It encourages me.

There’s about 20 million others things I could write about this song, but just let this song take on any other meanings to you personally. Share if you want!


Thoughtful Thrilling Tasteful Tangible Tantalizing Totally Tite Terrific Tune Tuesday

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