Turning 22

My birthday was yesterday. I turned 22. I don’t feel much different, yet, at least. As I was celebrating with some friends, I thought back to how I celebrated my birthday each year while at college. The celebrations are all quite different from each other. Here’s a quick recap with some photos:

Freshman year: 2/7/07: Turning 19. Oh, how young I was. My mom somehow planned a surprise LOST party for me and my friends since the season premier was on my birthday (it’s always close to my birthday…I actually had a friend text me this year and say “I know you’re birthday is coming up soon, I just saw a commercial for the new season of LOST”). We also went to a Charlotte Checkers game. The checkers are a minor league hockey team. I always enjoy a good fistfight on ice. Here’s us at the game:

Sophomore year: 2/7/08: Turning 20. Comparatively, this birthday celebration was laid back. I went to dinner with a couple of friends where I managed to get an Italian opera-style birthday song from our very quiet waiter. A group of us went ice skating in Charlotte too! Check us out:

Junior year: 2/7/09: Turning 21. You may think you already know what I did on my 21st birthday, but you’re only right if you guessed ‘Extreme Scavenger Hunt.’ Oh, it was extreme: running in the dark at night, getting chased by a bull/horse, losing cameras in fields, meeting firemen and policemen, the list goes on…About 25 of my friends broke into smaller groups, solved riddles and drove around Rock Hill taking pictures with all the answers. I’ve never laughed so much. It was definitely a memorable birthday. Of course, since it was my 21st, I did go out to Charlotte with some friends and was able to enter a bar right after midnight without a large permanent X on my hand. Here I am about to turn 21 and with my champion scavenger hunt team:

Senior year: 2/7/10: Turning 22. I extended this birthday into an entire weekend. Friday night consisted of some gallery crawling in NODA. Saturday afternoon was craft time! Saturday night, my wonderful roommates and I went to The Penguin, a wonderfully greasy restaurant with the best sweet potato fries ever. Then we toasted at midnight at McHales. Sunday afternoon some more friends stopped by, played some games and then we ate more. And my roommate Rebecca made an awesome carrot cake. Delicious.

So there it is. My past four birthdays. Pretty great. Time sure has flown by here at school.

Turning 22

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