Oh Snow!

At this very moment I’m sitting on my roommate’s bed glancing out the window every 40 seconds to check for snow. I am the person who if snow is in the forecast, will be outside the moment it starts. I have literally hurt myself trying to get out of the house and into the snow as quickly as possible. I also drag out everyone else with me…

As cliche as it sounds, snow is magical to me. I grew up on the beach. I saw snow once in my hometown. Once. When I came up to the northern part of South Carolina for school, I was given the chance to finally experience a real winter and snow. We’ve had a snow day every year here, and let me tell you, most of those days I was up at 6am even though I could have slept in. I built snowmen, threw snowballs, made snow angels, sledded, ate icicles, tackled people in the snow. It’s great.

There are other reasons I love the snow other than not being around it growing up. Tell me something else that falls from the sky that you can roll up into a ball and either build a man or bruise someone’s arm. Each tiny snowflake that falls, unique in it’s own way making it extrememly beautiful in its own way.

Love it. Here are some past snow pictures here at Winthrop:

Freshman year on campus:

Sophomore year with our little snowman:

Junior year- two different snow days:

Senior year [so far]:


We got  lovely blanket of fluffy white snow later that day! It was probably the most we’ve gotten in my four years year! Here are a few pictures:

Oh Snow!

One thought on “Oh Snow!

  1. Miss Marian says:

    I love your snow pictures. I know what you mean about loving that white stuff. Last week when everyone around us got some but we didn’t I made Mr. Curtis take me riding until we found some.
    Have fun in Europe! Hope to see you when you return.

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