What’s Old is New [to me]

Some thoughts on London. While I was there the first time in 2009, this thought continuously went through my head (and it did this last trip too):

Everything is so old here.

Now, that may sound like a really ignorant, simple comment, but think about it…everything in America is fairly modern in comparison (even the historic church I grew up in at the child-like age of 200 years old). I’m captivated by the thought of being surrounded by buildings that have withstood time like that. So here are a couple pictures of just a few buildings (there are probably about 500 more I could show) rom my recent trip and the year they were built. Just let it sink in:

Buckingham Palace, 1702:

Westminster Abbey, 1050:

Parliament (a not so good picture), 1090s:

What’s Old is New [to me]

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