Festival Fun

In honor of the Beaufort Water Festival (which is absolutely the best with events like ‘Motown Monday’ or ‘River Dance’), I decided to look up a few other town festivals across America. Boy, did I find some good ones. Check them out and be sure to click the festival titles to see more:

  • Mike the Headless Chicken Days : Mike the chicken was about to become dinner in 1945, but the farmer didn’t quite make the cut all the way leaving Mike headless and a soon-to-be super star. Mike lived for 18 months after that and Fruita, Colorado celebrates his spirit through this festival. Events include lawnmower races, peep eating contests, “run like a headless chicken” 5k and chicken dance contests.
  • Roswell UFO Festival : The Roswell UFO sightings anniversary is celebrated in full force at this festival. Events include “Alien Idol” karaoke contests, UFO lectures and workshops, multiple laser shows, “Alien Chase” costume-encouraged 5 and 10k races and an alien parade!

  • Woolly Worm Festival : Apparently woolly worms are used to forecast weather, but choosing which woolly worm to believe can be difficult. Banner Elk, NC, makes that decision easy and fun. This festival includes a woolly worm race to decide which worm will be used to forecast weather. Other events include a woolly worm craft fair and woolly worm ball complete with king and queen.

Has anyone had any fun and/or strange festival experiences?

Festival Fun

2 thoughts on “Festival Fun

  1. Betsy says:

    I want to head to Colorada for the Mike the Headless Chicken Days! You know you want to go for the “peep eating contest”!!!!!!

  2. aimee says:

    In Aiken we have a Lobster Race. Not that interesting, except for the fact most people under the age of 30 aren’t aware that there actually is a race with lobsters that takes place at this event. haha.

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