My Arty Start

I’ve mentioned on her before that I like artsy things and arty people. Well, I was reminded today of one of the reasons I think I’m like this. My middle school!

My middle school was super artsy. This public school was called Humanities and integrated art into every single class (including math!). We had extended time in our Humanities class which was really similar to Social Studies, but used art the most.

Overall, I LOVED this school. I enjoyed everything I did and I’m thankful I had the experience there. However, I’m sad to say that it no longer exists.

Here are just a couple things I remember doing:

  • Mummifying an orange to see what pharoahs did in ancient Egypt
  • Becoming Nefertiti in a wax museum
  • Designing faberge eggs. I made one like a cow and one like a flower.
  • Creating my own version (copy and artwork) of The Odyssey.
  • Drawing “Oscar Had A Hairy Old Arm” in math class. It was supposed to help is remember trigonometry methods. It worked, I still remember.
  • Interviewing people who were in Beaufort High School when it first integrated. Then we created a magazine to tell all the stories. And I met local author Pat Conroy.
  • Being on the web quest team. Yeah, sounds nerdy, it was. But we took first place in Academic Challenge! Basically we took a topic and created an online lesson plan complete with activities, crafts, etc.
  • Making a paper-mache Grendel from the book Beowulf.
  • Painting underneath tables as to experience a similar situation to Michelangelo when he painted the Sistene Chapel.
  • School wide barter day just like they did in the 1800s before a money system developed. I’m not sure what I started with, but my end result was a green button that said “I’m Wild” that I traded with a teacher and an old-school “School of Rock” music CD. Score.
My Arty Start

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