SE to NW : Day 1

Whew. What a day. We travelled almost 700 miles today! And marked 34 states off the license plate game!!

We passed through 5 states :

And we cut a bug chunk of our travel time, although the picture below doesn’t appear like we did (I don’t think my map is drawn to scale) :

We saw some big cities and came across some pretty interesting things today. Here are a few photos from the day with the description below each picture :

Welcome to Georgia!

Hello Atlanta! I’ll see you soon!

Welcome to Tennessee!

Cool bridge in Tennessee.

Still in Tennessee…

We came across this town within a town. Cannonsburgh in Murfreesboro, TN. Their goal was to take us back in time to a southern village from the 1800s. And then wow us with the world’s largest cedar bucket (which someone recently set on fire).

Inside the old general store in Cannonsburgh.

Cedar Bucket in Cannonsburgh.

Nashville, TN skyline.

Welcome to KY!

Carved Indian Head in Kentucky.

Over the Ohio river and welcome to Illinois!

We ended our travels in the first town in Illinois. Metropolis. As in Superman’s land. This is what we saw in the visitor’s center. That’s me up there!

They have a GIANT superman in front of the courthouse downtown.

We’re headed towards St. Louis tomorrow!

SE to NW : Day 1

One thought on “SE to NW : Day 1

  1. aimee says:

    My favorite things about this post:
    That you have visuals with your states.
    That you as superman and giant Superman are roughly the same size in each photo, but in the second it looks like you shrank to a tiny bug.
    You crossed over the Ohio River. Which flows near me! :)
    Roll on!

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