SE to NW : Day 2

We travelled about 650 miles today. Most of which consisted of just corn farms. We started the day by visiting the top of St. Louis Gateway Arch! About 8 hours later, we FINALLY got through Missouri. Then Iowa for a little. Then Nebraska. We ended up staying the night in the [suprisingly] cool-looking Omaha. Oh! And we only crossed off 4 states off the game today!

Here is the updated list of states. The little one at the bottom is Nebraska. All we really saw was the city of Omaha. And what’s the little candy cane thing hanging from the Arch in Missouri? A MIZZOU tiger tail. Which we saw hundreds of on fans’ cars headed to the football game :

And the updated map :

And a few pictures from the day with the descprition below each image. I didn’t take too many today, but here’s a few of what I did take:

Welcome to Missouri!

First view of St. Louis

Right under the Arch.

This is what we rode to the top of the Arch. Looks small? It was. That door was 4ft tall. I had to duck to get in! It held 5 people. Cozy.

Totally worth the ride! The view of downtown was awesome!

Downtown St. Louis.

Me at the top!

Flowers all over Missouri.

Corn all over Missouri.

Welcome to Iowa! Finally!

Welcome to Nebraska. We weren’t in Iowa very long today. We just went into Omaha to stay the night.

SE to NW : Day 2

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