SE to NW : Day 3

We spent the entire day (except for maybe an hour this morning) in South Dakota. I think we saw just about everything in the state: farmland, rolling hills, gas stations that didn’t have normal gasoline, lakes, grasslands and then mountains! We travelled round 600 miles today. We made a few stops at some fun roadside attractions and Mt. Rushmore! We only crossed three states off today in the license plate game, but we only have 8 left (*we actually found 5 yesterday)!

Here is the updated list of states we’ve been through :

And the map chart (my gps shows we have less than 1000 miles left, so the map is a little wrong) :

And here are some pictures from today with the description below it :

Welcome to South Dakota! I promise that’s what it says. Don’t mind the dead bugs on my windshield.

Typical SD.

And welcome to the World’s ONLY Corn Palace!! This place has been around for over 100 years. The outside is covered in different types of corn!

Here’s an example of some of the art inside the palace! Click for the bigger version if you want to see it in detail.

Yes. Corn Palace.

This lake appeared out of no where! We were driving up a hill and when we reached the top, all we could see was the water!

We had seen sign for Wall Drug for hundreds of miles, so of course we stopped! It was this mega general store with food, props for pictures and other fun stuff!

Fun at Wall Drug!

Hay and miles of fields and hills surrounding us on the interstate.

Mt. Rushmore! We took a minor detour through the mountains to take a look at this! Such a pretty view.

Proof I was there.


We’re headed to Wyoming and Montana tomorrow! Oh, and we’re in Mountain Time now – two hours behind you East Coasters!

SE to NW : Day 3

One thought on “SE to NW : Day 3

  1. Diane Smith says:

    I finally made it to a computer to see your blog. What a trip! Love the photos. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds. Have fun and be safe. Hi Betsy. Enjoy the time with your girl. What an experience and what lifetime memories! We went straight to wish Dennis a Happy Birthday when we got back in town. Other than burning toast he was planning to eat for dinner he was doing fine. Missing you both but doing fine. – Diane

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