SE to NW : Day 4

Today was full of driving up, down, through and around the ever-changing mountains of Montana. There were rolling hills, grassy hills, rocky hills, rocky mountains and mountains full of trees. We saw it all. We didn’t stop much today, we just pressed onward! We drove a little over 600 miles and only have around 550 left! And we crossed off three states today (including Alaska)!

Here is the extended list of states. We were in Wyoming for about 30 minutes :

And the updated map. We should be at our final destination tomorrow night!

I didn’t take too many pictures today, but here are a few with the descriptions underneath :

We saw lots of deer off this highway.

Welcome to Wyoming! We only spent about 30 minutes there, so we didn’t see much!

Welcome to Montana! We spent the rest of the day here.

Farms off the highway in Montana.

This was a teeny tiny town off the highway in MT. I promise that we saw 3 horse and buggies sitting in front of the buildings.

The mountains started to look a little different.


Headed towards some massive mountains!

They still have snow on them!

Side of the mountain.

More mountains! Some had trees, some had grass, some had rocks.

That’s it for today! We’re off tomorrow to finish the journey! I can’t wait to be there!

SE to NW : Day 4

One thought on “SE to NW : Day 4

  1. Cathy, Lil & Jill says:

    Glad you girls are safe and well. Still no pictures of our Betsy! And why?? Hope y’all have a great, final day of driving! The pictures are awesome!
    Love ya, Cathy :)

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