SE to NW. Accomplished.

So obvisouly, we made it! Woohoo!! I’ve been busy this past week and a half getting moved in, organized and settled. Then I had my first full week of work!

I knew moving to the other side of the country would bring all sorts of new things…well, it did. Here’s a few I’ve noticed so far:

  • They don’t have lines on the road. These use TONS of reflectors to look like lines instead. This is actually very hard to get used to. It’s also hard to get used to the annoying sound they make when you drive over them.
  • They like mayo. A lot. My mom noticed then when two sandwiches she got were loaded up with mayo. Then I heard others talking about different types of mayo and which they liked best.
  • They have different grocery stores. No Bi-Lo, Food Lion or even Super Wal-Mart (thank goodness!). They have places like Fred Meyer, Haggen and Trader Joes.  I had a hard time finding grits, but I found them!
  • They do indeed drink tons of coffee. All day, every day. There is a massive espresso machine at work and tons of coffee shops within walking distance of the office. They also have them in every grocery store and have offered it at every church I’ve been to!
  • They accept Canadian money in most stores! Cool! I also get Canadian radio stations which is also pretty neat.
  • People are super friendly. There’s this idea that people in the south are so friendly, outgoing  and just want to hear about your day. It’s not just the south. They’re like that here too, maybe even more than the south.

I’m positive I’ll discover more in the near future, but that’s all for now! I’ll try and post pictures of my apartment soon! Thanks for following my journey!

SE to NW. Accomplished.

2 thoughts on “SE to NW. Accomplished.

  1. Betty Younce says:

    Sounds like you’re doing okay for a new washingtonian.Your many miles of travel thru the years obviously transitioned you well. Have fun,enjoy,explore.I love you & am very proud of you.

  2. Shirley Tuttle says:

    Hello Deni, I have not had much time to talk to your mom or dad, but they tells me that all is going well, as your comments also indicate. Washington looks quite beautiful. Your dad seems to be doing well. Sorry that the Braves did not advance from the playoffs, but they made it to the playoffs in exciting fashion. Glad you were able to see Bobby Cox end his career, and what a great career it was. Blessings to you. Shirley T.

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