Week of Firsts

This week has truly brought many new experiences for me. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Ice Storm. What started off as a lovely snow turned into ice overnight. Everything was covered in ice.
    -I didn’t drive for days
    -I fell numerous times on the ice (note to self- buy better snow shoes)
    -When out riding with friends, I helped push several cars that slid
  • Public Transit to Work. Yay! Due to the above mentioned storm, I didn’t attempt to drive or even walk to work, so I was able to ride the bus! I loved it! Even though my ride is only about 7 minutes, it was great.
  • -1 Degrees. NEGATIVE ONE. This was my first time experiencing that. I hope it was my last.
  • Thanksgiving Away From Home. Even though I wasn’t able to go home for Thanksgiving, I did spend it with the family of friends from work. It was lovely. And filling.
  • White Thanksgiving. It snowed on Thanksgiving! It was nice watching the snow fall as we ate dinner. We went for a walk to a nearby park where we had a snowball fight and I just pranced in the still, white magic. Here’s a picture of some of the “kids” on Thanksgiving Day:

Since the weather has been, well, cold, I’ve been indoors crafting quite a bit. I’ll share some projects with you soon!

Week of Firsts

One thought on “Week of Firsts

  1. aimee says:

    Cute pic! Who would have thought, all those years we longed for a White Christmas, and here you were, not dreaming big enough – go for a white thanksgiving! :)

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