M.T. 1100 (2)

Sorry for the delay between posts! On to the next one!

When: 2001
Where: Good old Beaufort, SC
What: Paintin’ houses and lovin’ kids

We went on a mission trip in our backyard, literally.

We all bunked at the church to give it that “trip feel” and then worked on Habitat for Humanity houses, mostly painting, and also did backyard Bible camps for a couple of neighborhoods.

There were many a paint fights. Don’t get me wrong, we worked hard, but we played hard. We usually got back to church in the afternoon completely covered in primer…that we soon learned was nearly impossible to wash off.

Honestly, I don’t remember too much else from this trip. I think the thing that impacted me the most was seeing how much of a need there was in our own church neighborhood. And that broke my heart. I worshiped, prayed, gave, and served at my church that was right in the middle of a place of need, and I never knew it. How could I not see it?

M.T. 1100 (2)

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