1st Golf Day in the NW!

Since my car was packed to the max when I moved out here, not everything I wanted made it out here. Including my golf clubs. I haven’t thought about golf too much with the rain and clouds and constant missing sun. However, things seem to be turning around.

It may have been the Masters a few weeks ago, the sun now appearing more than before, or perhaps the knowledge that in good old sunny Hilton Head, the Heritage was happening. But I am now the owner of golf clubs on the west coast! Woohoo! I’m so excited to have them here…I had forgotten how much I love golf!

So I hit the driving range today to get used to the new clubs. Three large blisters later, I’m satisfied with my purchase. A few interesting things happened at the range:

  1. One guy asked me if I was on a team. I guess I looked alright playing :)
  2. The Heritage was on tv in the pro shop. Ahh, I used to live there. I thought of bragging about that to the pros, but opted not to.
  3. An older man and woman came up to hit right in front of me. I could tell something was different about the pair, but wasn’t quite sure. The man was asking a ton of questions and when we finally went to swing the club, the woman came up to me and told me he had Alzheimer’s, he used to play golf, and she was hoping it would come back to him. As he took his first swing, I bit my lip and prayed that it was a good shot. I wanted so badly for him to remember how to play. But he topped it. Right after, he took another swing and the shot was beautiful. Straight. High in the air. Great sound. As he kept taking swings and making great shots he would make comments like “oh, I need to put the ball at the back of my stance with this club.” He remembered. That rhythm came back to him. What a beautiful thing to observe. I stopped swinging for a bit just to watch the scenario unfold. It was lovely.

So a great day of golf. A beautiful day (It got up to like 65° today!). I could totally get used to NOT playing in the 100°+  heat. Maybe I’ll be better?

1st Golf Day in the NW!

3 thoughts on “1st Golf Day in the NW!

  1. Betsy says:

    What a special day you had! I remember walking with you during your first golf experiences! How HOT it was but I was there to watch. Glad that it was a great day for you. I’ll be curious to hear how your first round of golf goes with score and the course with that cooler weather.

  2. Barbara Carlson Mazzanna says:

    Hey Den Den! I enjoyed your blog about hitting on the driving range. I got a little teary eyed with you talking about observing the man with Alzheimers. Dad has advanced dementia and LOVED golf!!! Good luck with your new clubs Den!!! Enjoy!!! Love, Ms. Barb

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