Oh Edisto. I miss you friend.

Although I’ve only been to about .05% of the world, I think I may know my favorite place. If it’s not #1, it’s definitely top 3.


Even typing the sweet, calm island’s name makes my heart ache just a little. At any given moment, I wish I was in Edisto.

What’s so appealing you say? I can’t really describe it. It’s just something about being there…The typical “beach house” look of all the colorful homes. Staying in a house where I can literally walk 10 steps and be on the beach, five more steps and I’m in the Atlantic Ocean. The need for a coozie (which they clearly don’t understand in the NW). The wicker furniture. All the seafood restaurants. The feel of the breeze going through my frizzy hair. Playing with cousins in the sand and sea. Looking for shark’s teeth. Shopping at the one grocery store on the island. Pulling the boat up right in front of the house and jumping on. Exploring other islands nearby. Knowing, based on where you are on the beach, if you’ll have big or small waves.

It’s glorious. And calming. I promise you that all the cares and stresses of your life with momentarily escape you.

And Edisto is in my blood. My dad’s family grew up going and they’ve kept up the tradition. The thought of not making a trip this year is not okay. My goodness what will I do.

Here’s a few pictures from last year’s time spent with my good friend Edisto. (Click the picture for a larger image)


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