I’ve recently realized that there are only a couple of musicians that I can listen to all the time. Ones that I don’t mind listening to on repeat over and over. I just never get tired of them. Let me introduce you to one of them…


All one word. This gospel, southern-rock band is from teeny tiny Possum Kingdom, SC:

Who knew such great music could come out of a town named after such a gross animal.

NeedToBreathe is one of those bands that when you hear them, you know they’re talented guys. And then you see them live and they completely blow you away. They’re amazzzzing live. It’s a “I never want this concert to end even though I’ve been standing for 4 hours and squished up against people I don’t know” type of amazing.

And I was a little pretty super excited when I found out they’d be opening with Taylor Swift. A no-hold back talented Christian band in front of thousands and thousands of people. Way to go guys.

So what are you waiting for—go listen to them! My personal favorites are “the outsiders,” “hurricane,” and “moving on.” And below is my favorite: Something Beautiful. Enjoy!


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