M. T. 1100 (6)

When: 2005
Where: Birmingham,  Alabama
What: Working on the roof and removing lead paint in the 100+ degree heat

When I think about this trip, the first thing that comes to mind is how stinking hot it was! I mean honestly, I’m used to the humidity and heat, but my goodness it was rough. We had to take water breaks every 20 minutes or so.

The next thing I remember about this trip was the lead paint certification class I had to take. Yes, several hours listening to the ins and outs of the proper way to remove lead paint, etc. Then we took a test (yes—a test on a mission trip) and recieved a certificate if we passed! I’m officially lead paint certified!

This was a World Changers trip, so I worked with other youth from around the country. It’s really great and encouraging to be around believers your age from all over the place. The lady’s house we worked on was in dire need of some construction and I’m so glad we were able to help her. She was truely thankful and sweet while we were there.

Great trip!

M. T. 1100 (6)

One thought on “M. T. 1100 (6)

  1. Barbara Carlson Mazzanna says:

    Oh boy Den, I was just thinking/talking about that trip the other day. And yes, it was STINKIN’ hot!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I got a heat rash around my neck!!!! But yes, it was fun and very rewarding. XXOOXX Ms. Barb

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