Charleston. I love the way people from Charleston say Charleston. They can’t help but drag out its beautiful name as long as possible.

I recently went back home for a vacation (wait-is that even possible?) and flew into Charleston so I decided we should roam around its cobblestone streets since we were already there.

I kept telling my parents I wanted to see some old stuff because when comparing Charleston to the northwest, well, Charleston is ancient. And I missed those old buildings and historic markers. So we ventured around the old market, the waterfront, etc.

This love of Charleston is a fairly new thing for me. Apparently, absence does make the heart grow stronger.

While looking at colleges, I had absolutely no interest in going to College of Charleston. For one, my mom graduating from CofC and two, it was just too close.  But now, I find that I would love to settle into this charming, historic place. Love to be a part of the beautiful place.

Enjoy this slideshow of a few snapshots of old things :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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