Happy one-year anniversary to me!

Last week marked my one-year anniversary of arriving in Bellingham, Washington.

You’re thinking: Seriously, it’s already been a year?! Well, at least, that’s what I’m thinking.

September 20 marks my one-year mark working at Logos Bible Software. And wow how things have grown for this company. It’s shocking, inspiring, and motivating to see this company grow so much in a time like this.

Here’s our latest and greatest corporate video. Warning: you’ll probably want to work here after you watch it.

I’ve been trying to reflect on the last 365 days in the Northwest…what I’ve learned, what’s different, etc. Here are a few:

  • I’ve moved from sweet tea to coffee. Fellow southerners: DON’T PANIC, I haven’t forgotten sweet tea forever. In fact, because it’s not available here much, I find myself craving it all the time. But I now have to rely on coffee. Blame it on the weather or the 5,345,2545 coffee shops in town, but its now a daily ritual.
  • I miss the rain. “What?!” you say, “I thought you moved to the Northwest where it always rains.” You’re correct. Perhaps I should clarify, I miss thunderstorms and nights where the sound of the rain puts you to sleep. Here, I only get that annoying, constant drizzle that makes my hair frizzy. Great.
  • No matter what you think (or how much you don’t want it to), where you’re from defines at least part of who you are. I NEVER would have guessed I would miss the south so much. I thought I would fit in well to the NW, which I have, but I find myself just wanting to sit on the front porch and hear stories told in a slow southern voice while I sip sweet tea. I want Chick-fil-A, I want to hear friends arguing over whether Clemson or Carolina is better, and I want to walk past buildings that are hundreds of years old. I never knew how much the South defined me until I was pulled way out of it. And I’m proud of it.
  • I really love learning. I know, it sounds nerdy, but I miss going to class, listening to lectures, taking notes, etc. Luckily, Logos has a “continuing learning” program so I’ve been able to take a few different “classes.” I’m currently in an editing class!
  • I’m braver than I thought. The decision and process of actually getting out here is kind of a blur. It happened relatively quickly (which is probably a good thing for me). People kept telling me I’m so brave for coming out here and that they could never do it. At first, I didn’t feel that brave…but looking back it seems a little crazy that I would move 3,000 miles away from everyone I knew. Crazy? Brave? It’s one or the other.

More to come! Stay tuned!

Happy one-year anniversary to me!

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