New Tunes!

Where have I been? My goodness it’s been some time since my last post! I hope to get back into some routine of blogging.

But until then…there are some great new records out there, so it’s time for you to take a listen! Within a matter of 3 weeks or so, several of my favorite artists pushed new CDs out. So I’ve been listening to them non-stop since then.

Here are a five below. I’ve got several links to a variety of music platforms listed below along with a video to get you started. Either way, take a listen and enjoy:

  1. John Mark McMillan – The Economy
    This album is incredible. I thought nothing could compare to how much I loved his first album. Wrong. As always, JMM’s lyrics are though-provoking, poetic, and a true piece of art that I can’t help but repeatedly sing throughout the day. My favorite tracks are Who Is This, Sins are Stones, and Daylight.
    Economy on iTunes
    Economy on Amazon
    Economy on Spotify
  2. Elevation Worship – For the Honor
    Yes, yes, yes. I was soooo excited about this album! It was weird because I didn’t know many of the songs when I listened to the CD (I’m used to being in Charlotte and Elevation to hear the songs being played each Sunday). This music and these are lyrics are beautiful and stunning. I find myself writing bits and pieces of songs everywhere to remind myself of the strong worship statements in this album. Don’t miss this one. I’m so proud of the worship team at Elevation. My favorites are Our King Has Come, For the Honor, and Give My Life to You.
    Vice Verses on iTunes
    Vice Verses on Amazon
    For The Honor on Spotify
  3. NeedtoBreathe – The Reckoning
    These guys are so talented. I love this album…it’s full of some rocking choruses that are sure to pump you up. I think I love these guys so much because one, they’re from SC and two, they are by-far one of the best bands I’ve seen live. My favorites on this CD include Keep Your Eyes Open, Learn to Love, and White Fences.
    The Reckoning on iTunes
    The Reckoning on Amazon
    The Reckoning on Spotify

  4. MuteMath – Odd Soul
    MuteMath’s songs are brilliant. They mix some crazy beats that are fresh. If you ever get a chance to see MuteMath live…do it! One word: KEYTAIR. My favorites on this album include Odd Soul and Blood Pressure.
    Odd Soul on iTunes
    Odd Soul on Amazon
    Odd Soul on Spotify
  5. Switchfoot – Vice Verses
    I had been waiting for a long time for this album. I had high hopes and I was not let down. This album is definitely a bit more rock than their previous, but Switchfoot fans and new fans (which they’re sure to gain after this album) will love it! A couple of my favorites from this album include Restless, Afterlife, and Dark Horses.
    Vice Verses on iTunes
    Vice Verses on Amazon
    Vice Verses on Spotify
New Tunes!

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