Homeward & Onward – Part I

I’ll have a few posts on my trip home for Christmas. Starting with this one.

On my last day at home we headed to Hunting Island, what seems like the edge of the world. As I took my first step in the somewhat warm sand towards the Atlantic Ocean, I inhaled deeply to make sure the fresh salt air got deep within my lungs.

As we walked down the beach we noticed blue polka dots scattered all over the place. At a closer glance, they looked like little blue balloons with strings. We soon realized they were jelly fish…or some type of creature similar to jelly fish. I just want to point out that there were hundreds of them on the beach, and I’m sure there were hundreds more still alive in the sea. I would also like to point out that this is why I do NOT like to swim in the ocean…because I see things like this.

After I got back home, we saw this article that explained the sea creatures were actually Portuguese man-of-wars. These little guys are deadly and dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that there venom is still harmful days after they day. So no poking them with a stick.

What a strange thing for these guys to all of a sudden decide they wanted to use themselves as ornaments to decoarte the beaches of Beaufort, SC for Christmas. How thoughtful of them.

Here are some shots of them:


Homeward & Onward – Part I

One thought on “Homeward & Onward – Part I

  1. Betsy says:

    So glad to have encountered them dead rather than on my flesh in the ocean! My brother has a scar that is over 30 years old to remind me that I would rather encounter them washed to shore.

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