New Tunes

I’ve been trying to make a solid playlist of songs that make you want to roll down the window while you’re on the way to the beach (if you have any suggestions, let me know!). As I’ve been searching for those, I’ve come across some new bands (new for me, at least). Here are a few I’ve been listening to lately…

Songs of Water: I actually listened to these guys awhile back and picked them up again. I’m pretty sure I listened to ‘Willow’ ten times in a row one morning. Most of their songs don’t have words but do include some fascinating instrumental stories. You will not be disappointed.

Zerbin: Quirky little artist. ‘New Earth’ is my favorite of his…the chorus is so fun.

MIchael Bernard Fitzgerald: He’s a pop-y blues artist, kind of new sound. ‘Reach You’ is probably my favorite from him.

The Lighthouse & the Whaler: The funky little guys have a bit of a Strokes sound. Favorite from them is ‘White Days.’


New Tunes

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