Music You Need This Summer

It hit 90 degrees here today which means it’s summer. It’s time for some new tunes while you lay out and soak up the sun. Here are two albums you need this summer. I highly recommend both:

Artist: Jesse Morrow
Album: Things I Might Lose

This guy is talented (and I’m not just saying that because he’s a friend from Washington). His new album, Things I Might Lose, is full of strong beats that will have you nodding your head in a heartbeat. The mix of blues with crazy good guitar and keys melodies is such a good, unique sound. My favorites from the album are ‘Locked’ (the opening is killer on this) and ‘Best Shot.’

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Artist: Matrimony
Album: Montibello Road

This Charlotte band caught my ears a few years ago when they opened for John Mark McMillan. Their unique folksy sound is so much fun. Even though there are only 4 songs on their newest EP, each one is full of life and will make your ears quite happy. Favorites from the album are the ‘Obey Your Guns’ (I promise you’ll be hearing this on the radio soon) and the haunting ‘Giant.’

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I believe strongly in supporting local music, so go hunt for the talent around you! It’s there, so start listening!

Music You Need This Summer

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