Good Works in the Queen City

I’m completely blown away by the number of incredible non-profits in Charlotte. These companies are making long-term investments to help those in need.

Here are just a few I’ve been able to connect with recently. See how they’re changing our community, our city, our nation, and world. Get inspired.

Samaritan’s Feet International: Through an act of love, humility, and hope, Samaritan’s Feet volunteers across the globe have washed the feet of, given a pair of shoes to, and shared a message of hope with millions of impoverished children and adults who don’t own a pair of shoes.

Fashion and Compassion: I can’t say enough good things about this organization. Their vision is to “connects caring consumers with vulnerable women artisans to bring dignity through economic opportunity.” They do this through providing employment opportunities to vulnerable women around the world, educating customers about injustice, and raising funds through product sales. I love this organization because they’re wisely investing in communities long-term. Go buy a beautiful necklace or clutch and support a great cause!

Compassion to Act: CTA is a faith-based ministry that serves victims of labor and sex trafficking in the Charlotte area. The raise awareness in the community about modern day slavery, liberate victims through connecting them to the resources available within the Charlotte area, provide long-term shelter and a comprehensive care plan, and help them find restoration through mentoring, spiritual training, job training, and life skills training.

Good Works in the Queen City

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